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Tonalá, 2014. 

 "Prado" sofa is inspired by the layers of colors and very defined material of the valleys of the West of Mexico where the small metallic details remember the light of the sun in the dusk igniting the color of some stone or piece of meadow.
Eight different pieces compose “Prado” sofa, with a solid aesthetic but at the same time playful, geometric but organic, such as the meadows and the geography of a rugged and varied territory.
“Prado” sofa can be manufactured in dark wood like Parota or light wood like Fresno. Both Mexican woods. The metalic details can be selected in Copper or brass. And for the upholstery, wool or cotton textiles hand-woven on a pedal loom or on commercial fabrics of equal beauty.



Wood, cotton and brass or Copper

180 x 80 x 80 cm 

40 Kg  


If the color of your preference is not in the suggested list, please choose any option and send an e-mail to to customize your own.

Laura Noriega

Oaxaca and Jalisco, México.

Textile: Indoors use only. Vacuum clean constantly. Iron with a cloth over the textile at low temperature. Professional cleaning service recommended.
Wood: Clean with a dry cloth.