Aprovecha 3 y 6 MSI en toda la tienda Aprovecha 3 y 6 MSI en toda la tienda




Basket weaving is one of the oldest and most deeply-rooted artisan activities of humanity, weaving together hard or soft fibers of vegetable origin, to masterfully create various objects that require great skill and a deep knowledge of the materials used for their elaboration. The chuspata is a reed that grows on the shores of the Pátzcuaro lake of pleasant and fresh perfume. After harvesting it is put in the sun for drying and moistened when working to obtain its flexibility by weaving it and transforming it into various objects on which it changes its shade over time. 

Artisan: Rogelio Rojas
Ihuazio, Michoacán, México.

Text by: Laura Landeros Zuno.
Translation from spanish: Alejandra Vázquez.
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