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El tiempo de fabricación de este producto es de 6 semanas a partir de tu compra.

Santa Clara del Cobre, 2012. 

"Tiripiti means gold in Purepecha lenguage and is also the name given to the gods that are manifestations of the sun. The lamp casts its light through the greatness of pre-Colombian cultures, revealing the patter hammered which intensifies with its brightness."

Hammered copper

30 cm diameter x 18 cm height.  /   1.9 Kg 
40 cm diameter x 22 cm height   /   4.5 Kg
50 cm diameter x 26.5 cm height   /    6 Kg
60 cm diameter x 32 cm height   /   8.9 Kg 
70 cm diameter x 37 cm height   /   13.5 Kg
80 cm diameter x 42.5 cm height   /   17 Kg
90 cm diameter x 48 cm height   /   19 Kg
100 cm diameter x 53 cm height   /   21 Kg 



1.5m Textile Cord included
Socket and ceiling canopy in Parota wood.
Electric specifications: 127 V~  60Hz   60W


Laura Noriega

Napoleón Pérez

Michoacán, México.

The color of copper changes over time. Direct contact with the skin ph accelerates this process. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers in the outside of the lamp. It is recommended to use brasso to return the inside glow of the lamp. Never apply on the outside unless it is bright fi­nish. Use low voltage lightbulb.