Aprovecha 3 y 6 MSI en toda la tienda Aprovecha 3 y 6 MSI en toda la tienda


Metalwork Cutlery

Metalwork Cutlery

Handmade cutlery in the state of Jalisco is made mainly in Sayula. Functional and attractive is an example of cultural wealth. A millennial instrument, the knife is manufactured with special skill by meticulous craftsmen who mostly work in small workshops and have received the precious craft from generation to generation. With steel, copper, bronze and iron, with rod, iron plates, springs and steel arrows you obtain the raw material to soften it, to change it by force of precise, repeated blows, and turn it into artistic creations, plates, knockers, or knives that are then complemented by handles, unique pieces made entirely by hand with various materials such as wood, horn, shells, or stone, as well as inlays or fine engravings made masterfully.

Artisan: Familia Ojeda
Sayula, Jalisco, México

Text by: Laura Landeros Zuno.
Translation from spanish: Alejandra Vázquez.
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