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Guadalajara, 2014

Inspired by the softness of the wool and the possibilities to create volumes through planes hand woven in pedal loom we designed this comfortable pouf with its versatile shape and the hand dyeing of the wool that allows to make different combinations to give color accents to your decoration in any type of space.
Piedra Pouf can be enjoyed outdoors on the terraces or gardens as well as in the living room, it is also a favorite accessory for the children of the home for their rooms or game rooms because of its warm and comfortable texture that invites you to embrace them.


   Natural wool

   80 x 80 x 30 cm

   5 kg




Laura Noriega / Lauren Juncal

Pedro Romo

Jalisco, México

Dry Clean only. Low iron with a cloth over the wool, do not use spray-on starch, spray-on softeners or conditioners.