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Guadalajara, 2015.

"Venus" auxiliary tables in copper hammered by hand are inspired by the planet Venus, so bright that it can be seen during the day as the luminous beautiful copper as light as its symbol; stylized representation contained by a circle with a small cross below.
Shapes and tones that inspire “Venus” tables design. Its circular shape contains in its texture the reflections of the constant hammering on its copper surface and its light structure with three basic crossings that interweave.
Venus table can be manufactured in clear oak and dark tzalam wood as well as give different finishes to copper with its natural tones such as patinated, shiny or rust green. 
Available with a 1" thick structure to give a lighter character in smaller or minimalist spaces, and with a 1 ½" structure to communicate solidity in more robust or outdoor spaces.



Hammered copper and solid wood

Large Table 80 cm diameter x 40 cm height
Small Table 60 cm diameter x 45 cm height

Oak 1" 3.8 Kg / 3.5 Kg


Laura Noriega.

Napoleón Pérez 

Jalisco and Michoacán, México.

Clean with a soft dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. Do not place heavy objects on the copper cover. Copper tone is irregular, the natural color or patina of copper will change with time naturally. The contact with humidity, abrasives, ph of skin, etc. will accelerate this process.